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I am a versatile and creative adventurer, with an MFA in Graphic Arts and Audiovisuals. In 2014 I completed additional education in Cinematography.

In 2020 I redirected my professional career toward Video Editing and Motion Graphics,  which allowed me to fusion my background in Graphic Arts and my lifelong passion for moving images.


I am currently based in Barcelona.


  • Video Editing - I use the provided footage or make a stock search to find the best images for your story.

  • Storytelling - I help you make the best out of the available materials to convey your message in an extraordinary manner.

  • Motion Graphics - I work with Adobe CC to give your videos this special final touch.

  • Media - I work with a wide variety of moving images, from documentaries and short fiction films to music videos and social media content. 



  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
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